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Cash Discount
Non-Cash Adjustment


The Program!

Our Non-Cash Adjustment & Cash Discount Programs give you the ability to take Charge of your money. Keep the chunk of revenue that you used to pay for credit card acceptance.

By offering a Cash Discount to consumers paying with cash, our average merchant saves between $6,000 - $18,000 annually.

How Does It Work?

By applying a service charge to all transactions, then offering a discount to customers that pay by cash or check, the Non-Cash Adjustment program gives you the ability to lower or eliminate practically all of your credit card processing fees.

Save Money!

Many business owners are losing anywhere from 2% - 4% of revenue in credit card fees. It's not hard to understand why this program is so popular and beneficial.

Gas Stations have used Cash Discount pricing for many rears by posting th Cash price and the Credit price.

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