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Restaurant POs Solutions

Use a POS System to track sales, and food inventory.  Allow orders to go through the computer and directly to the kitchen printer.  Take control and track your most popular menu items.


Using a POS System will allow your staff to do their jobs quickly and efficiently, and this can provide a better experience, ultimately helping to bring in more sales.



Do you know what your

Effective Rate is? Are you still focusing on your upfront rate?

Our Business Consultants will explain why your upfront rate is not as important as knowing what your effective rate is.



 With a cash advance, or a line of credit we can provide you with the cash you need.  We provide funding alternatives for small business owners.  

Merchant cash advance provides small businesses with an alternative to other financing based on future revenue.

Our solution is fast, flexible and gives you quick access to your funds.


Gift Cards & Loyalty

Make the most out of every customer with a gift card or loyalty program.

Nearly everyone has a smart phone and routinely checks texts and email. With our Loyalty and Gift Card program, your customers could be reading Your emails and Your texts and coming back to Your business!

Successful business owners know that a gift card program is a simple, yet valuable marketing tool for your business.

ATM Solutions

An ATM earns you income from each transaction processed and helps increase your sales by providing cash to customers who will likely spend a portion of it in your store.

Here’s How it Works:
You place an ATM in your store and charge a fee for customers to use it. The fee usually ranges from $1.50 - $3.00 per transaction and you keep 100% of that profit!


Processing online transactions is the most rapidly growing segment in the industry and is a great way to increase your business and turn your website into a profit center where the "world is in your store"


Quite simply, if your website does not take credit card payments, you're losing potential sales.

We provide industry leading gateway and processing solutions that enable your business to securely accept credit cards and checks online.



Take charge of your money by offering this program. No more losing a big chunk of your revenue by credit card processing fees.

By offering a Cash Discount to consumers paying cash, our average merchant saves between $6,000 to $18,000 annually.

Since most business owners are losing anywhere from 2% - 4% of their revenue in credit card fees, it's not hard to understand why this program is so popular!

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