Mail / Telephone Solutions

Are you getting up to hand key credit card transactions into a terminal?

Are you skipping over prompts when taking credit card orders?

If so, both of these procedures are costing you money! Our business consultants can show you the simple fix.

Source One Payment Solutions Can Help You Increase Your Sales:

Taking credit cards over the phone or through the mail is a great way to increase your sales and profitability.

Our business consultants will show you the best-fit solution for your particular circumstances to help you maximize your sales and profits.

Whether you have a small mail order business or a phone room with 30 people taking calls; if you don’t take credit cards over the phone or by mail, you may be losing more than half of your potential sales.

Source One Payment Solutions Can Reduce Your Current Costs:

If your business already takes credit cards, we ensure an easy transition and a cost savings from your current program. We Guarantee It.

Let a Source One Payment Solutions professional offer you a cost comparison and examine your current procedures to make sure you are taking advantage of the lowest possible wholesale rates.

Our business consultant will ask specific questions to help determine what solution fits your business. From a basic credit card terminal for occasional hand-keyed transactions to an online virtual terminal that can be set up for recurring payments; we will provide the right fit for your business.

Benefits to you include:

  • Capturing more impulse buys
  • Making it easier for your customers to order thereby giving you more sales
  • Reducing the time frame from order to delivery resulting in increased customer satisfaction
  • Saving you money with our lower rates
  • Never lose a sale again because you don’t accept credit cards

Contact Source One Payment Solutions today for more details at (888) 717-6872.

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