Looking for a Way to Accept Checks Electronically?

Do you Need a Better Way to Accept Checks From Your Customers?

Our eCheck programs enable you to accept a check safely from anyone.

Many business owners may be surprised to learn that 40% percent of U.S. consumers don’t have credit cards. This poses challenges for mail order and Internet businesses. Electronic Funds Transfer, (EFT) provides a valuable solution.

  • Have customers told you they were mailing a check, yet you never received it and thus never made the sale?
  • Are you looking for a faster/ more reliable way to receive your check funds?
  • Do you have customers that pay you monthly and still send checks through the mail?
  • Would you like to increase your Internet sales?
  • Are you looking to sell to customers that don’t have credit cards

By opening up an EFT merchant account with Source One Payment Solutions you are giving yourself the ability to process checks much quicker and efficiently. You will no longer need to receive the check in the mail or have the physical check deposited. For the customer that does not have a credit card or wishes to pay by check they can either enter their banking information themselves, (if they are purchasing from your website through a shopping cart), or you can enter the information if your customer is ordering by phone. These E-Check transactions are processed just like credit card transactions and funds are deposited to your account within 48-hours.

EFT is perfect for businesses that have recurring payments like Gyms, Tanning Salons, and Non-Profits.

  • No more waiting for checks
  • Predictable Cash Flow
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Increased Revenue

For Web-based businesses, EFT helps capture additional sales from shoppers to your websites storefront. Contact Source One Payment Solutions for more information on how to set up EFT and put your business in “Check”.

Call Source One at (888) 717-6872 today!

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