Check Conversion / Guarantee

Are you reluctant to take a check over the phone or through your website?

Are you saying no to customers that want to pay by check?

We give you the ability to say YES and convert those opportunities into sales.

Check Conversion makes taking checks as easy and safe as taking credit cards. Simply run checks through an all-in-one terminal or an add-on check reader that attaches to your existing terminal. In seconds you’ll know if you should accept that check or not. Once approved, your guaranteed funds are securely deposited into your business account in just 48 hours…Just like a Credit Card!

Electronic Check Conversion

With Check Conversion you no longer need to:

  • Keep the check and take it to the bank
  • Pay check deposit fees
  • Have to guess on whose check you should accept
  • Pay Bounced Check Fees
  • Have the risk of returned checks
  • Lose business by turning away check customers

Taking checks has never been easier or more secure!

When you use check conversion, you ensure customer retention through customer satisfaction. Your check paying customers keep coming back and you don’t lose sleep wondering if that $500 check is good or bad.

Other Programs we offer:

  • Check Conversion without Guarantee
  • Guarantee without conversion

Be sure to ask us about our custom programs for your particular industry such as:

  • Special programs for car dealers that allow you to hold checks for down payments on cars.
  • Programs tailored to mail order and B2B Businesses.
  • Programs for supermarkets and convenience stores.
  • Internet options which let you get paid without waiting for a check to arrive. This program is most commonly known as EFT, (Electric Funds Transfer)
  • Check cashing.

For more information, call (888) 717-6872 today and have our consultants suggest the program that is right for you.

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