ATM Solutions

Do you have a high-traffic business?

Do you currently have an ATM placement and are interested in owning instead?

Let us show you how owning an ATM can bring additional revenue to your business.

ATM’s earn income for your business and drive additional customers to your store. An ATM earns you income from each transaction processed and helps increase your sales by providing cash to customers who will likely spend a portion of it in your store.

Here’s How it Works

A merchant places an ATM in their store and charges a fee for customers to use it. The fee usually ranges from $1.50-$3.00 per transaction and the merchant would earn 100% profit after that!


Transaction profits, however, are only part of the reason why a merchant should place an ATM in their business. These same people will spend approximately 10-12% of that money in your store. (Figures are based on studies done by 7-Eleven and Convenience Store Decisions Magazine).

By advertising in your window or above you entrance with a bright neon sign outside your store, you will start making money off of people that are not necessarily customers. By pulling additional non-customers into your store to get cash and then converting some of these people into customers; you grow your business and increase sales!

3 Ways to add value to an ATM

  • An ATM wrap is an eye popping advertising tool for your business or even an outside vendor. Why not rent the space?
  • ATM screens offer 6 to 8 sales opportunities that can be viewed by ATM customers every time they get cash.
  • Certain ATM’s also offer the ability to create coupons on ATM sales receipts which can be aimed at bringing customers back or entice them to local businesses.
ATM wraps

Never Run out of Cash in your ATM Again!

Source One provides real-time monitoring of your ATM from any computer or smart phone. This includes getting emails and instant alerts to your smart phone when your machine is running low so you never miss an opportunity again!

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Who is responsible for cash placement?

A: The merchant is. The actual amount you need to begin with is approximately $2,000. As the machine processes transactions the money will be returned to your bank account electronically in about two business days.

Q: How much room does the ATM take up?

A: The actual footprint of the terminal is just a couple of square feet. The typical terminal is 18 inches wide and 26 inches deep.

Q: What if there is an ATM machine nearby?

A: All the more reason to have an ATM in your location. Customers in need of cash are going to your neighbors and more than likely spending money with the competition.

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