Retail Solutions

Do you know what your Effective Rate is?

Are you still focusing on your upfront rate?

Our business consultants will explain why your upfront rate is Not As Important As Knowing What Your Effective Rate Is.

Source One Payment Solutions Can Help Your Retail Business:

RetailOur philosophy is the more we know about your business, the more we can help. That’s why we take the time to ask you questions so we can learn about how you accept payments from your customers. We find out what’s working or what may not be working for you and what direction your retail business wants to go. Once we have this information we can suggest the correct solutions.

“I increased my sales $2,000 a month when I started taking credit cards. I wish I did this sooner.”
-Sonnie Shepard

Source One Payment Solutions Understands Your Busy Schedule:

We understand that business owners are being pulled in many different directions and can’t always focus on their merchant services account. That’s where we come in. Source One Payment Solutions will do a comprehensive cost and needs analysis of your current program and offer suggestions to make your business better and more profitable!

“My average sale increased dramatically when Source One set up credit card service.”
-Primi Garcia

Source One Payment Solutions Has the Answers:

Whether you are a brand new business setting up merchant services for the first time or an established business looking to find a better solution; Source One has the right fit for you. Because each business is unique, we offer a wide selection of pricing plans and programs tailored to meet your business and your customer’s needs.

“We did over $40,000 at the show -The best we’ve ever done and that’s $7500 over last year…probably due to the fact that we now take credit cards. Thanks Source One!”
-Sharon Traylor

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